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Who we are...


Seeing so many people get into difficulty with money and relationships, we decided to make more information available that isn’t usually accessible. 


Often these materials would be part of long term change programmes with expensive fees being charged. PJ Masters, psychotherapist and entrepreneur, has distilled what you need to know about yourself into a series of worksheets to deliver insights into your challenges. The books, courses and papers are to help you deepen the knowledge you need to make effective changes. 

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We will always take great care to be person centred, thoughtful and respectful of how people see themselves and the world and others within it.

Our aim is to be able to help people who suffer a 'never enough' sadness, take part in the many joyous aspects there are in life, even when there has been pain and sadness.

In particular we look to help people be empowered by their own ability to be self-determining, so how they choose to respond and react and what objectives they set for themselves.

We support everyone with information and encouragement to determine their path through looking to their future with hope and ambition, personally and for humankind. Some of this is through looking and understanding what has happened in the past and how this needs to be brought into 'here and now' awareness and how to choose to go forward.



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